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17Oct, 2016

Halloween look

17 October, 2016|Outfits|

Halloween look  English version: This cold caught me by surprise and I feel that I can’t really shake it off. Everyone around is sick and to top it off, this weekend we started renovating our apartment in France and things are a little crazy. I can’t wait to finish and finally to have the chic apartment we always dreamed about. With Halloween around the corner I decided to hook up with Shein and Kiko Milano… well… with a really good friend of mine and one amazing makeup artist from Kiko, to bring you this over the top look.  To highlight this beautiful candy skull i went an all black look. […]

3Oct, 2016

Bomber jackets are back

3 October, 2016|Outfits|

Bomber jackets are back English version: Bomber jackets are back in fashion and I couldn’t be happier. It is actually the must-have jacket of the season, specially on the streets… you can see almost every bloggers out there rocking this trend this autumn. The shops, the runways, the magazines, they are all showing off their best bombers. These jackets come in so many different sizes and styles, they are so versatile, you can wear them with dresses, pants and skinny jeans. The bomber jacket is the best when you want to tone down a polished look. […]

28Sep, 2016

Feeling like a princess

28 September, 2016|Outfits|

Feelling like a princess English version: London… no, I’m joking… it’s just a suburb of Paris, really beautiful and stylish, a place we found by mistake a few days ago. This is the best thing about Paris, when you leave your car and start walking on narrow, small streets, you will always find something new and lovely.  The only reason I kinda like autumn is because I love sweaters and leather jackets way way way to much. A nice, warm sweater will always melt my heart and what I love more about this one is that I don’t have to sacrifice my style to be cozy and warm. I mean, come on!!! Just look at it… stunning right?! I love pairing sweaters with jeans and leopard booties, because as we know, these pieces will never be out of style… ever!!! […]

24Sep, 2016

Pink sweater dress

24 September, 2016|Outfits|

Pink sweater dress English version: If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am tired. I am so tired I can bearly function so pay no mind if I say something stupid today. We had family and friends over these past weeks and I feel like I walked around Paris enough for five years. I could sleep for a month. Sleep deprived much?! Maybe… I didn’t even want to do anything with my hair the day we took the photos. It was washed and all, but I could’t get myself to curl it or straight it. The best option for these kind of days is either a messy bun or space buns. Your choice… Oversized sweater dresses are in right now and I couldn’t be happier. Sweater weather arrived in Paris, just in time for Fashion Week and it’s the perfect time to take out your old sweaters or go invest in some more. I like the last option better! Let’s face it… my tall ass could have never rock this dress, so I decided to pair it with a pair of faux leather pants. How have you been my lovelies?!I feel like I missed a lot of things these past weeks… […]

18Sep, 2016

That over the shoulder blouse

18 September, 2016|Outfits|

That over the shoulder blouse English version: As you can see on my face in these pictures, I am a little out of my comfort zone. I usually don’t wear these classic, elegant, ready for a office day looks, but i felt this beautiful off the shoulder blouse should have it’s own show in this blog post. This is why i went for a clean, all black pair of pants and bag. Less is more sometimes, like we all know it. This blouse is perfect for the end of summer, because it is a little bit cold outside and like this your shoulders will be out, while your arms will stay warm. […]

14Sep, 2016

Suit up

14 September, 2016|Outfits|

Suit up English version: Whenever you want to go for an unusual look, go for a matching short suit. Elegant, timeless and feminine, this look will be the best option for transitioning into fall. I am so happy when i see that more and more girls are embracing this masculine trend. When wearing a suit my advice is to find a matching set, or if you can’t find one, at least make sure that your separates are as close to a match as possible. You can also choose any shoes you want. If you want a polished look that wear a cute pair of high heels and if you want to take your suit on a more casual day, that a pair of sneakers is your best choice. Go for a colourful suit, a bright colour, a pastel or a nice pattern. I think that a white suit would be to boring and a black suit is way to “tuxedo” for my taste. These are just a few tips in wearing a suit this beginning of fall. What are your tips?! Let me know in the comment section. […]

12Sep, 2016

Monday in the city

12 September, 2016|Outfits|

Monday in the city English version: It’s Monday my loves… I can’t believe it, time goes by so fast these days, summer is almost over and even though I love oversized sweaters and jackets I am still not ready to put away my shorts and summer dresses, I just can’t. Summer, please don’t go!!! Today I went for something simple, i went for a sporty chic outfit, a trend so close to my heart. I don’t know why I like it so much. There is something about wearing a sweatshirt, jeans and high heels. I feel it all comes to the confidence of the person that wears this trend. You can rock it, as long as you have the right attitude. […]

6Sep, 2016

First days of autumn

6 September, 2016|Outfits|

First days of autumn English version:  With autumn coming in fast,  Alex and me decided that is about time we change a little the blog, it’s about time to give it a refresh and the poor thing is at the laptop for 2 days, remember he is a handball player not an IT guy, trying to make my blog look beautiful. We are almost there… still a few things added and it will be perfect.  This is it my dears… autumn hit Paris with a bang, it’s pretty cold and I haven’t seen the sun for a few days. One of the best pieces for transitioning between seasons is a big chunky and loose sweater. Paired with shorts and over the knee boots, this is definitely one of my go to looks for this season. I have a feeling that you will see more of these boots in my next posts, they are so comfy and chic, I already paired them with a dress and a leather jacket I have from Zara and the results are fabulous… you will see!!! Anyway… back to my sweater, this is the perfect example for a beautiful yet soft colour block top, perfect for layering, perfect for any season, perfect for me. I love the versatility of the piece, it looks great with shorts, jeans but i also see it worn with a beautiful bright midi skirt.  […]

30Aug, 2016

Romantic pink midi skirt

30 August, 2016|Outfits|

Romantic pink midi skirt EN: I found on the internet a site with the top 20 most romantic places in Paris, so me and Alex decided on seeing them one at a time . On this list there is a street called Rue des Barres, a cute chic and picturesque street, perfect for a couples tea or coffee time in the heart of the city of love.  There are so many ways to look absolutely stunning in a midi skirt. It’s romantic, fabulous and feminine, it’s the best definition of “ladylike”. I went for this blushed colour because it just screams girlie and i feel that this look has “chic street style” written all over it. I really love this dress because of the pretty colour but also because I think that these big, chunky pleats makes it unique. When you spin it looks like it has a life on its own… […]

25Aug, 2016

Review: Makeup brushes

25 August, 2016|Makeup|

EN: There is a story about me ordering these brushes. First i ordered the overpriced Artis Oval 7 brush. It arrived, I love it, I find myself using the beauty blender less and less and that tool is my holy grail. After using it for some time I remembered I saw the dupes and I wanted to know if they are any good… and let me tell you, THEY ARE WORTH IT. In my next posts I will be making a comparison between the Oval 7 and the foundation brush I have from Rosegal so you can see exactly the difference between these two. Packaging: they come in a nice, sturdy black case that is perfect for traveling and you can also put other favourites in. Brushes: nice and dens, they blend the products pretty nice, they don’t shed and they also give you an airbrushed finish them used with liquids or powders. Delivery: they arrived pretty fast since I placed my order, like 10-15 working days, pretty cool since they ship them from Asia. Now let’s talk more about the individual brushes and how i like to use them. […]

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