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27Jun, 2017

Black dress

27 June, 2017|Outfits|

Black dress   English version: There is nothing wrong with having a day when you don't feel like dressing up, or not having the inspiration to pull out an over the top look. This is where a cute dress comes in handy, and what's a fashionistas closet without a nice black dress. This piece can easily make the transition from day to night, depending on what accessories you plan to [...]

22Jun, 2017

Back on the blog

22 June, 2017|Outfits|

Back on the blog English version: I know, I know... you missed me there for a second, but I had a much needed rest from social media. Just joking... Alex was away for National Team and I was out of photos for the blog. My only way to socialise with you guys was on my instagram @sorananistor Summer is in full swing, the days are longer and there is something [...]

13Jun, 2017

Summer wishlist

13 June, 2017|Haul, Inspiration|

Summer wishlist     Alex is off with the national team so we are not able to take photos these days. Here is a new summer wishlist until he gets back home.   Instagram Instagram

30May, 2017

Denim and leather

30 May, 2017|Outfits|

Denim and leather   English version: If there is an item that 99% of the world's fashionistas own is a pair of denim shorts. Why? Because they are comfy, long lasting and versatile. You can pair denim shorts with everything you can find in your closet. My favorite combo is to pair the shorts with anything leather. If you think of any reasons that your shorts are way to short wear [...]

29May, 2017

Summer wishlist

29 May, 2017|Haul|

Summer wishlist   Hello my beautiful souls, summer is just around the corner and I am so happy I found another great online store where I can easily shop for nice summer clothes and accessories. Yoins, this is the online store I am talking about asked me to do a wishlist and show you a few of my favourite things on their website. So here there are: here here here here [...]

18May, 2017

Colourful spring

18 May, 2017|Outfits|

Colourful spring   English version: Yes, I know I've been MIA lately, but let me tell you why... I am home! I finally arrived in Romania after almost one year away in my beautiful Paris. I missed home so much so I had to catch up a little before I started my routine again. I still have a bunch of stuff that I need to take care of,  but today, [...]

18May, 2017

Scalloped bikini wishlist

18 May, 2017|Haul|

Scalloped bikini Hey ladies, I am back again with a Zaful wishlist, again with bikini's, this time the scalloped bikini that you can find HERE and also the beautiful tie dye bikini. As you know, I worked with this company before and I love it. I will leave you with a few things that I liked on their website: here here here Instagram Instagram

14May, 2017

High waisted bikini bottoms

14 May, 2017|Haul|

High waisted bikini bottoms   Hello my beauties, i am back again with another online store that i love, Rosegal and with a wishlist of my favorite bikini and bikini bottoms I found on their website.  I have worked with this company before and I have to say I liked everything I received, the fast shipping and the choices you have on their website. I leave you with a few photos so you can [...]

4May, 2017

Spring look and my favourite bag

4 May, 2017|Outfits|

Spring look and my favorite bag   English version: It's been a boring week for me my beauties, with Alex playing for national team and my family arriving only on Sunday, I spent my days jogging, reading and lots of hours of FaceTime, but I am so happy spring is in the air and I can finally wear my warm season outfits. The bag I am wearing for today's look it's [...]

2May, 2017

Orange lace dress and party dress

2 May, 2017|Haul|

Orange dress and see-through dress   Orange dresses and see-through party dresses are perfect for this warm season and like many times before I partnered with Zaful to bring you cool pieces at a really good price.  Like I said, they have everything from clothes to shoes to accessories, you can find whatever you like , cheap and with one of the fastest delivery out there. Here are a few pieces I like: [...]

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