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Her life improved dramatically , when she decided to break the rules , and find beauty where she'd been told there was none!!!

Yet another spring dress

2018-05-12T11:39:30+00:00 12 May, 2018|Outfits|

 Dresses, dresses, dresses everywhere you look! I love summer and everything this amazing season brings with it! I love the smell, the sea, long evenings of dancing and having fun, tan skin, but most of all I love the fashion summer comes with! Long flowy dresses, short pants and sandals! I just can't wait for summer to finally arrive!

Elegant dress

2018-05-07T14:32:13+00:00 7 May, 2018|Outfits|

Long nights of dancing and having fun... this is  what this gorgeous dress inspires! I told you before how much I like the things I find on Chicwish. I find myself browsing throw their website a lot these days, specially now that the wedding season is coming fast and this dress is no joke. Perfect for a wedding night or any other elegant

White lace top

2018-05-04T23:32:06+00:00 4 May, 2018|Outfits|

It’s time… after four years in Paris it’s time to go back home and leave the city of love behind us! It’s been amazing and we will be so sad to go but as they say, there is no place like home. With the move and sending all of our stuff back in Romania, I feel like I don’t have anything

Ruffle Polka Dot Top

2018-04-24T18:41:19+00:00 24 April, 2018|Outfits|

 See?! I told you it's going to be a skirt again!!! But this time it's paired with the most awesome an cute top I own. Romantic and oh so chic, this top from Chicwish is simply stunning. I had to wear it with a skirt but I bet it looks amazing with high waist jeans also. My favourite thing about this top is definitely the polka dots pattern.

Floral dress

2018-04-19T17:06:35+00:00 19 April, 2018|Outfits|

 Floral dresses are a staple for fall and yes, I am wearing a dress again! I never wore so many dresses or skirts in a row on my blog but lately I can't stop ordering them. Next post?! Yeah... skirt again!!! Warm weather days... I am ready for you! A floral dress is perfect for spring because they capture the look