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Her life improved dramatically , when she decided to break the rules , and find beauty where she'd been told there was none!!!

Casual Friday

2017-11-03T22:27:48+00:00 3 November, 2017|Outfits|

Now you know how much I like to take pictures at Louvre. This and the last blogpost shows you a clear image of how much I love this place. I mean come on… the lightning is stunning. The weather was so kind for these past few days, when everyone else is freezing, here in Paris

One vest two looks

2017-10-30T20:05:41+00:00 30 October, 2017|Outfits|

Ok, so… who in their right mind isn’t the biggest fan of blazer and blazer vests?! It is a pretty recent trend but for sure it’s one of my favorite. A nice, good quality vest can make a difference and with this piece you can easily transition from day to evening. You can wear it with skirts, shorts, jeans, capris, tank tops

Sporty vibe

2017-10-21T18:49:52+00:00 21 October, 2017|Outfits|

I love me some sporty looks. I think it is my favorite trend... well... after rock chic, this is my favorite trend. You can do so much with it, dress it up or down, where it almost anytime and almost anywhere, the most versatile trend of all.  Yes, you can definitely look very stylish even if you wear a sweatshirt

Autumn days

2017-10-17T15:05:11+00:00 17 October, 2017|Random|

Autumn days         English version: I know I said autumn is in full swing in Paris, scratch that! It feels like summer, I still can't believe it. It's the first time in four years when we had 26 degrees in October. I have to say I love Paris this time of the year. I went "street style" with [...]

Pastel pink

2017-10-06T16:28:05+00:00 6 October, 2017|Outfits|

Pink for autumn?! Yes please. Vampy plums, burnt oranges and browns are the traditional colors when fall comes along. When everyone wears rich, dark colors, I love to be different and wear blush shades. Different is good! If you resonate with me and pastels are the way to go, you will always