Paris Christmas Market

2017-01-06T13:46:40+02:009 December, 2014|Events, Food and sweets|

En: Christmas lights ,Santa and his elves , hot wine ,good food and Christmas goodie. This is how the biggest Christmas Market looks this year in beautiful and amazing Paris. I really didn’t care about the food being a little pricey , or the fact that thousands of tourists are strolling on the boulevard and it took us one hour to get to the end of the market , the feeling i had there was unimaginable . Everything was perfect… [...]

Nutella Brownie Cupcakes

2017-01-06T13:46:44+02:0025 January, 2014|Food and sweets|

En: I saw this amazing recipe that will change your life on a blog and i decided to share it with you lovely ladies . I am going to show you how to make Nutella brownies with only 3 ingredients.Just 3 you ask? Yes, because the amazing Nutella already has fat, milk and chocolate. You have to try this, but try not to burn the brownies because i did....well....just a little bit :)    Ingredients:      [...]