Tea length dresses

2017-08-04T11:19:07+02:004 August, 2017|Haul|

Tea length dresses   If you are searching for tea length dresses, search no more. I hooked up with dresslily to bring you a little inspiration and you should check their website because you can find a lot of things at really good prices.  goo.gl/zojAtJ goo.gl/yLKM3d goo.gl/nUzxRM Instagram Instagram

Spring summer wishlist

2017-04-15T11:13:09+02:0015 April, 2017|Haul|

Spring summer wishlist   The new season brings a lot of new styles and trends. Here is a wishlist for spring-summer: goo.gl/zQQp24 goo.gl/x1c1ul goo.gl/8c2XEH goo.gl/k1biV2 goo.gl/7MSSRF   Instagram Instagram

Red coat

2017-02-02T12:43:55+02:001 February, 2017|Haul, Outfits|

Red coat   English version: There are only a few ways to stay stylish in the cold season and the best one is by choosing a fabulous winter coat that is versatile, edgy and very chic. I know finding the perfect one might be a little pricy, but if you want a good quality and long-lasting coat it's ok to splurge a little bit. I chose this red coat because i feel [...]

Irresistible who?!

2017-01-06T13:46:29+02:0012 May, 2016|Haul|

Hello my beautiful ones, I decided on writing this post only in english because: It would be a way too long and boring post in romanian also. My gorgeous romanian girls are smart A.F. and all of them speak and read english, it’s our second language, we are bilingual like that… Today i want to talk to you about hair extensions. Even if it doesn’t show, I really like wearing hair extensions, so i had [...]

Spring summer sets

2017-01-06T13:46:29+02:0011 May, 2016|Haul, Inspiration|

          With spring in full swing and summer around the corner, here are some sets i created that i think would be great for this season:   tee: http://goo.gl/2w2ja6 shorts: http://goo.gl/wz0fuq bag: http://goo.gl/6QOVNH shoes: http://goo.gl/ZQexuQ earrings: http://goo.gl/hu2DkB skirt: http://goo.gl/HMeD0J tee: http://goo.gl/5luy6M shoes: http://goo.gl/uiWmEJ bag: http://goo.gl/YXRVtX necklace: http://goo.gl/Z6XVRF t-shirt: http://goo.gl/QNf0CD skirt: http://goo.gl/0gLH7p backpack: http://goo.gl/XUhgVX shoes: http://goo.gl/aLVCcP