The blue dress

2019-04-02T15:54:29+02:002 April, 2019|Outfits|

The blue dress         English version: The dress season is back back back again and i couldn't be happier. But be careful my friends... it's tricky... I catch a pretty bad cold and you should be thinking twice about what you are wearing in the evening. This beautiful blue satin dress from Chicwish is absolutely stunning. I like [...]

Spring vibes

2019-03-04T20:44:57+02:004 March, 2019|Outfits|

Spring vibes         English version: I can't believe Spring is finally here and I can ditch the hats the scarfs and those chubby sweaters away. I don't know why, but each time 1st of March comes along I start wearing more pastels... there is something in the air... Pastels, like I said, they are my favorite colours in [...]

Shades of brown

2019-02-03T15:51:42+02:003 February, 2019|Outfits|

Shades of brown         English version: Finally a blogpost with an outfit that is in perfect match with the weather outside, because honey... those awful winter days are over and you can get fooled really easily by thinking it's spring. I am so eager for warm days and I am more eager to put away warm jackets, scarfs [...]

Flower dress

2019-01-23T19:28:56+02:0023 January, 2019|Outfits|

Flower dress         English version: Hey babes, I hope you had an amazing New Year party! I've been away for a few weeks, vacationing and after that, of course I had to get the worst cold ever!!! I am still recovering but I think it's about time to get back on the blog and start posting looks again! [...]

Pink sweater

2018-12-11T21:48:31+02:0011 December, 2018|Outfits|

Hey babes, how is your beginning of winter going? Now that December is here I can't wait for snow to fall. I just don't feel Christmas vibes if it's not snowing. I happened one here, but it melted as fast as it touched the ground.  A few days before the weather changes me and Alex did a bunch of photos