Vienna holiday

2018-07-17T22:22:31+00:00 17 July, 2018|Outfits|

I know i’ve been away for a while but with moving back to Romania and moving things to the new apartment things got in the way of me posting more often. Now that we moved and everything is by the book, you will see me more on the blog. If only my laptop would stop playing

Summer top

2018-07-01T22:33:12+00:00 1 July, 2018|Outfits|

Hey babes, how is your summer so far?! I've been away on holidays for a few weeks and I took everything I ordered from Chicwish with me so I can make really really cool photos! We've been in Vienna, Prague and Budapest and I have one item for each city! We've been wanting to visit these cities for ages and we decided

Yellow pants

2018-05-29T09:39:32+00:00 29 May, 2018|Outfits|

We are back in Romania and I had no idea how much I missed it!  I still have a few posts from Paris but that ship is sailing away fast. I think I am left with another two posts and we are done. Photos from Romania are on the way my friends. These pants are bomb and they are perfect for this season.

Yet another spring dress

2018-05-12T11:39:30+00:00 12 May, 2018|Outfits|

 Dresses, dresses, dresses everywhere you look! I love summer and everything this amazing season brings with it! I love the smell, the sea, long evenings of dancing and having fun, tan skin, but most of all I love the fashion summer comes with! Long flowy dresses, short pants and sandals! I just can't wait for summer to finally arrive!

Elegant dress

2018-05-07T14:32:13+00:00 7 May, 2018|Outfits|

Long nights of dancing and having fun... this is  what this gorgeous dress inspires! I told you before how much I like the things I find on Chicwish. I find myself browsing throw their website a lot these days, specially now that the wedding season is coming fast and this dress is no joke. Perfect for a wedding night or any other elegant