Days like these…

2018-10-14T18:47:27+00:0014 October, 2018|Outfits|

Days like these... I love days like these... warm days in the middle of October are the best! Being able to still wear dresses is unbelievable and I wish this kind of weather will stay for a while. I still can't get over summer and I am so sad it went away so fast this year! Anyways, I am back with another DRESS, I know

End of summer

2018-09-27T10:41:57+00:0027 September, 2018|Outfits|

I can’t believe how the weather changed so fast in Romania. Yesterday I was rocking my skirts and dresses and today I had to put up the heat in our house because it’s way to cold outside. I went from t-shirts to coats way to fast! I was pretty inspired to check the weather and I took these photos last week, when the sun was still up

Yellow top

2018-08-23T20:48:07+00:0023 August, 2018|Outfits|

I still can’t believe it’s the end of August and pretty soon we have to take out our jackets and boots. It feels like yesterday was first of June and I could’t wait to wear skirts and dresses… It’s about time to spice it up and stop with the dress photos just for a little while and show you

Black floral dress

2018-08-16T21:53:18+00:0016 August, 2018|Outfits|

My beautiful girls, I can't believe summer is almost over!!!  Things have been so crazy that I didn't have time to rest these past few weeks. After leaving Paris and moving back home and after living a pretty dull life there with just a few friends, I feel like I am always out now! Going to restaurants

Baby blue dress

2018-08-16T21:51:01+00:009 August, 2018|Outfits|

My laptop is going crazy these weeks and I think it is about time to get an IMac! That would make my life easier! When we were in Prague, the first day I decided to wear my new Chicwish baby blue dress. It was just perfect for this beautiful city. We’ve been wanting to visit it off for so long.