Curly hair, don’t care

2017-07-27T08:59:04+00:00 22 July, 2017|Outfits|

Curly hair, don't care   English version: YESSSS!!! I've been late a decade, but i finally did it. This week I passed my exam so I am now the proud owner of a driving licence. It didn't feel like a vacation at all, but now I can finally breath, take a step back and enjoy the remaining week of holiday! I love curly hair, I used to have it naturally [...]

Lightweight dress

2017-07-24T09:32:02+00:00 14 July, 2017|Outfits|

Lightweight dress   English version: I woke up humming this song, it's late afternoon and I still can't stop myself thinking about it. I don't even have it in my iTunes, oh well... summer!!! I am bored... bored of wearing shorts and tees, it's way to hot, and I hate to fell something sticking to me when the sun is up in July and August. The next summer staple will always [...]

Black dress

2017-06-27T18:05:11+00:00 27 June, 2017|Outfits|

Black dress   English version: There is nothing wrong with having a day when you don't feel like dressing up, or not having the inspiration to pull out an over the top look. This is where a cute dress comes in handy, and what's a fashionistas closet without a nice black dress. This piece can easily make the transition from day to night, depending on what accessories you plan to [...]

Back on the blog

2017-06-23T07:42:24+00:00 22 June, 2017|Outfits|

Back on the blog English version: I know, I know... you missed me there for a second, but I had a much needed rest from social media. Just joking... Alex was away for National Team and I was out of photos for the blog. My only way to socialise with you guys was on my instagram @sorananistor Summer is in full swing, the days are longer and there is something [...]

Denim and leather

2017-05-30T13:26:25+00:00 30 May, 2017|Outfits|

Denim and leather   English version: If there is an item that 99% of the world's fashionistas own is a pair of denim shorts. Why? Because they are comfy, long lasting and versatile. You can pair denim shorts with everything you can find in your closet. My favorite combo is to pair the shorts with anything leather. If you think of any reasons that your shorts are way to short wear [...]