The joy of wearing Iutta

2017-01-06T13:46:29+02:0029 April, 2016|Shoes|

EN: You know what they say: a diamond is a girls best friend? Well mine is a nice pair of shoes! Because these ones have Romanian folklore on them, makes them even more special for. It’s been a few months since i’ve been home and these beauties are a big reminder of the place i love the most.  If i would have to get by with one one pair of high heels, for sure it will [...]

Chunky Heels

2017-01-06T13:46:42+02:0022 September, 2014|Shoes|

En: The Chunky Heels trend is back for fall!!! If you liked this trend in summer you will definitely make it your favourite in the fall. This trend was huge during Fashion Week and a lot of designers incorporated them in their collections. These heels are perfect for those fashionistas out there that need to be first comfy and second really stylish.  This said…i also went shoe shopping and found myself the perfect pair of chunky booties. I chose them in [...]

Maleficent-Disney Movie & Louboutin-Malangeli Shoes

2014-09-30T11:28:25+02:0012 August, 2014|Inspiration, Shoes|

          En: The most dangerously hot shoes ever made. You will surely notice women wearing them. From 20th of October they will be available and the price will be somewhere around 1600$. From the front they look like normal stilettos...but ladies....the back is magical!!! This shoe will be limited edition and the profit will be given to charity for orphans children !!!            Ro: Sunt cei mai "periculori" si hot pantofi creati [...]

Dear Romania

2017-01-06T13:46:44+02:009 April, 2014|Shoes|

     En: Hello my beautiful ladies, i am back !!! I had a pretty awesome week (except for the part where i had my wisdom tooth pulled out ) spending time with my family , but now that i came back to Constanta i am going to be posting more often. My laptop is still in service so i am not able to accept and answer your beautiful comments... If you read my blog [...]