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18Mar, 2017

The dress I moved mountains to get

18 March, 2017|Outfits|

The dress I moved mountains to get     English version: I moved mountains to get this sweater dress. I searched for it all around Paris, Romania and Spain... it was hard to get it and I am so happy that I bought it on nude also. Even though it's a winter dress, I will more likely wear way into spring. I went for a minimalistic look, with very few [...]

10Mar, 2017

Choker neck sweater

10 March, 2017|Outfits|

Choker neck sweater   English version: I have so much spam in my email box, I am going to flip out really soon... I literally woke up with 256 emails and all of them are spam!!! Anyways... after this "amazing" morning I had, I realised sweater weather is not over yet. For someone who really loves summer, this time of the year is perfect to go sweater shopping. This statement choker [...]

4Mar, 2017

Woolen Checked Pea Coat

4 March, 2017|Outfits|

Woolen Checked Pea Coat   English version: I am so jealous on my friends from Romania because the weather is so nice there and me... I still have to order coats because guess what... Paris doesn't know it's March!!! Wool coats are a big "YES" in my closet and i can't go by in these cold days without a nice, good and stylish coat. I saw myself ordering from another website [...]

26Feb, 2017

Back to black

26 February, 2017|Outfits|

Back to black   English version: If you know me, even a little bit, you have an idea of what I like to wear and you know how I feel about all black looks. If you don't know me and you are new here, let me introduce myself: Hi, my name is Sorana and I am obsessed with all black ensembles!!! Today, I am back in my comfort zone and [...]

19Feb, 2017

The dress i’ve seen everywhere…

19 February, 2017|Outfits|

The dress I've seen everywhere...   English version: My head hurts like crazy, after a busy busy weekend. I swear I do more stuff on the weekends than during the week. Alex is usually free these days and it's the only time to go for shootings, drink coffee without being on a hurry and eat out. After I post this we go out for sushi... see what I mean?! Not complaining [...]

13Feb, 2017

I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye…

13 February, 2017|Outfits|

I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye... English version: Hearts, balloons, candy, chocolate and roses are everywhere this time of year. Tomorrow it's 14 of February and I couldn't be happier. Not because it's Valentine's Day, but because it's my birthday and for the second year in a row, Alex is home and spending the day with me. It's challenging sometimes to be married with an athlete, because you [...]

10Feb, 2017

I found the perfect sequin pants

10 February, 2017|Outfits|

I found the perfect sequin pants   English version: It's 11:10 and I am on top of my bed, trying to get off and go eat something, but I want to finish the blogpost and go on with my day. Alex is at practice and I need his ass back home so he can finish editing the photos I need for this post. It's so difficult to choose the photos, [...]

5Feb, 2017

Burgundy Crop Top

5 February, 2017|Outfits|

Burgundy Crop Top   English version: Some ignorant people will say you can't wear a crop top if you are not skinny. F them, I say! Start wearing what you want and be proud. I have to admit... I didn't expect for this crop sweater to be so short when I saw it online, but I really like it like this! Lucky for me the weather is getting a little [...]

1Feb, 2017

Red coat

1 February, 2017|Haul, Outfits|

Red coat   English version: There are only a few ways to stay stylish in the cold season and the best one is by choosing a fabulous winter coat that is versatile, edgy and very chic. I know finding the perfect one might be a little pricy, but if you want a good quality and long-lasting coat it's ok to splurge a little bit. I chose this red coat because i feel [...]

29Jan, 2017

Denim shirt and Zaful coat

29 January, 2017|Outfits|

Denim shirt and Zaful coat   English version: Yes, I ordered again from Zaful  and again my order arrived really fast! Like really really fast! And again I love what I chose from the website. The black coat is perfect for this weather, when you need just to throw something over your shoulder not to get cold.  I saw this really cool trend of wearing a skirt over an oversized white shirt and [...]

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