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Floral dress

19 April, 2018|Outfits|

 Floral dresses are a staple for fall and yes, I am wearing a dress again! I never wore so many dresses or skirts in a row on my blog but lately I can't stop ordering them. Next post?! Yeah... skirt again!!! Warm weather days... I am ready for you! A floral dress is perfect for spring because they capture the look

Pencil denim skirt

16 April, 2018|Outfits|

Hey babes, I've been wanting a distressed midi denim skirt, I saw one in Zara that I really liked but when I decided to buy it it was gone and I've been trying to find one ever since. When I saw this one on YOINS I was so exited and I didn't wait for this one to be out of stock and I got to as fast as i could. This skirt comes in

Red boots

12 April, 2018|Outfits|

I can't resist buying over the knee boots, I just can't stop myself.   I am obsessed with "RED" this season and I really needed some over the knee red boots. I feel that they go pretty good with flowy dresses. Made from leather imitation, these boots are a great addition to your stylish wardrobe. They have a unique shape while

Another mini skirt

9 April, 2018|Outfits|

 I know I said I am not the biggest fan of skirts, but guess what?! Every time I am on a  shopping spree I tend to go for skirts now, so I might become a dedicated fan of this item!  The mini skirt is so easy to wear and you can mix it with any top you have in your closet, add flats, sneakers of high

Mini skirt

4 April, 2018|Outfits|

Yeeee!!! It's that time of the year again! I can finally wear skirts! It's not too warm yet but with a cute pair of sheer tights you will be good to go. They offer a layer of protection against the cold but they also make your outfit a lot cutter! The mini skirt is the best example of a skirt that goes with almost everything, you can choose

Menswear pieces

15 March, 2018|Outfits|

 The biggest trend now is definitely inspired by "men fashion" and there are a few menswear pieces every woman should own in her wardrobe. An oversized blazer is always adaptable and it gives any outfit a much deserved upgrade. A nice pair of tailored pants can make any outfit pop and you can see them more an more

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