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15Apr, 2017

Spring summer wishlist

15 April, 2017|Haul|

Spring summer wishlist   The new season brings a lot of new styles and trends. Here is a wishlist for spring-summer:   Instagram Instagram

10Apr, 2017

Jumpsuit for spring

10 April, 2017|Outfits|

Jumpsuit for spring   English version: Spring is finally in full swing and with the arrival of my favourite season we are welcoming also the new trends. It's the best time of the year to invest in clothes and take your wardrobe to another level. J stands for Jumpsuits. I love them for transitioning into spring and summer, because they are so effortless and very very sexy. My favorite jumpsuit [...]

9Apr, 2017

Hangman Paris T-shirt

9 April, 2017|Outfits|

Hangman Paris T-shirt   It really felt like Summer today in Paris. I can't remember the last day that I wanted to hide from the sun. We woke up around 9 this Sunday so we had plenty of time for everything. A good walk around Le Maris shops, a delicious cappuccino with a tasty croissant on a terrace and 2 hours to get back home because of a running marathon [...]

7Apr, 2017

Spring sweater

7 April, 2017|Outfits|

Spring sweater   English version: I know... I know... everyone wears this blouse backwards, but believe me... it's so not comfy to wear it like that. Let's be real for a second... i wanted to show some skin!!! This look would have been so simple so I added this fishnet overall that my best friend really really hates and I can't wait to see what she will say about this outfit! 🙂 [...]

2Apr, 2017

Spring-summer dress

2 April, 2017|Outfits|

Spring-summer dress   English version: Spring and summer!!! Printed dresses are still the go-to items for effortless chic spring-summer outfits. They are a spring staple. This festival dress is so eye catching, with this beautiful flower print and it's loose fit, it is definitely the every-day dress we all need. You can dress it up or down and it goes with a lot of things in your closet. It is the [...]

27Mar, 2017

Rock and Roll

27 March, 2017|Outfits|

Rock 'n roll   English version: Rock 'n roll, band or graphic t-shirts are in right now. This off duty dressing trend is one of my favourites. When you don't see me wearing elegant looks, you will probably see me in a pair of jeans, rock t-shirt and a nice leather jacket. It is the perfect outfit for a casual day and by adding heels in the mixture, you can [...]

21Mar, 2017

Bigger is better

21 March, 2017|Outfits|

Bigger is better   English version: Chicwish... when in search for good, quality clothes just take a look on their website. You can find anything, from clothes to accessories, this website will take you on the best shopping spree. With the fast approaching spring, bigger is better... and I am talking about sleeves here ladies... relax! This cool trend is so chic, so feminine and it became a spring necessity. [...]

18Mar, 2017

The dress I moved mountains to get

18 March, 2017|Outfits|

The dress I moved mountains to get     English version: I moved mountains to get this sweater dress. I searched for it all around Paris, Romania and Spain... it was hard to get it and I am so happy that I bought it on nude also. Even though it's a winter dress, I will more likely wear way into spring. I went for a minimalistic look, with very few [...]

10Mar, 2017

Choker neck sweater

10 March, 2017|Outfits|

Choker neck sweater   English version: I have so much spam in my email box, I am going to flip out really soon... I literally woke up with 256 emails and all of them are spam!!! Anyways... after this "amazing" morning I had, I realised sweater weather is not over yet. For someone who really loves summer, this time of the year is perfect to go sweater shopping. This statement choker [...]

4Mar, 2017

Woolen Checked Pea Coat

4 March, 2017|Outfits|

Woolen Checked Pea Coat   English version: I am so jealous on my friends from Romania because the weather is so nice there and me... I still have to order coats because guess what... Paris doesn't know it's March!!! Wool coats are a big "YES" in my closet and i can't go by in these cold days without a nice, good and stylish coat. I saw myself ordering from another website [...]

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