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25Nov, 2016

Graffiti jacket

25 November, 2016|Outfits|

Graffiti jacket English version: We were so lucky the weather was on our side these past few days. If I didn’t know any better, I would say it almost smells like Spring.  Walking around Paris with only a shirt and a jacket was a blast, enjoying a good coffee and a delicious croissant on the terrace of a chic coffee shop was a blessing after those ugly, cold [...]

19Nov, 2016

Cropped sweater for winter

19 November, 2016|Outfits|

Cropped sweater for winter English version: I finally had the rest I needed to be able to function as a normal person. The only down side is that it’s really cold. I know winter is coming… my “Game of thrones” fans will definitely have a smile on their faces reading this, but I’ve been living for two years now in Paris and in November it was never so [...]

12Nov, 2016

Long, oversized cardigan

12 November, 2016|Outfits|

Long, oversized cardigan English version: I know, I know… I’ve been away for a couple of weeks but my friends… these past few weeks were pretty rough. With fixing our apartment in France and Alex going to national team, all things were on me and I had to deal with everything. From painting the walls to building the furniture, we bought furniture from Ikea! I can [...]

27Oct, 2016

Round brush set

27 October, 2016|Makeup|

Round brush set I finally have it. The 10 PCS Round Brush Set is here and exactly how i thought, i love them. They blend amazingly, soft and sturdy, they are the best dupes for the Artist Brushes. The details for this set are: Material: Plastic and Synthetic Hair Head Color: Black Full Length: 12-16.5cm/ 4.7-6.4inch Head Length: 0.7-6cm/ 0.3-2.3inch Quantity: 10pcs Shape: Toothbrush Shaped Item: Makeup Foundation Brush Sets Application: Facial, [...]

22Oct, 2016

Burgundy velvet boots

22 October, 2016|Outfits|

Burgundy velvet boots English version: Omg… the moment I saw these boots at Zara, I had to have them, even though I bought another velvet pair of booties just a few days before. There is something about velvet this season, you can see it everywhere. I am so sensitive with velvet… to the touch I mean, but this one is so soft, I have no problem touching [...]

17Oct, 2016

Halloween look

17 October, 2016|Outfits|

Halloween look  English version: This cold caught me by surprise and I feel that I can’t really shake it off. Everyone around is sick and to top it off, this weekend we started renovating our apartment in France and things are a little crazy. I can’t wait to finish and finally to have the chic apartment we always dreamed about. With Halloween around the corner I decided to [...]

3Oct, 2016

Bomber jackets are back

3 October, 2016|Outfits|

Bomber jackets are back English version: Bomber jackets are back in fashion and I couldn’t be happier. It is actually the must-have jacket of the season, specially on the streets… you can see almost every bloggers out there rocking this trend this autumn. The shops, the runways, the magazines, they are all showing off their best bombers. These jackets come in so many different sizes and styles, they are [...]

28Sep, 2016

Feeling like a princess

28 September, 2016|Outfits|

Feelling like a princess English version: London… no, I’m joking… it’s just a suburb of Paris, really beautiful and stylish, a place we found by mistake a few days ago. This is the best thing about Paris, when you leave your car and start walking on narrow, small streets, you will always find something new and lovely.  The only reason I kinda like autumn is because I love sweaters and [...]

24Sep, 2016

Pink sweater dress

24 September, 2016|Outfits|

Pink sweater dress English version: If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am tired. I am so tired I can bearly function so pay no mind if I say something stupid today. We had family and friends over these past weeks and I feel like I walked around Paris enough for five years. I could sleep for a month. Sleep deprived much?! Maybe… I didn’t even [...]

18Sep, 2016

That over the shoulder blouse

18 September, 2016|Outfits|

That over the shoulder blouse English version: As you can see on my face in these pictures, I am a little out of my comfort zone. I usually don’t wear these classic, elegant, ready for a office day looks, but i felt this beautiful off the shoulder blouse should have it’s own show in this blog post. This is why i went for a clean, all black pair of [...]

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